If you have trouble funding your account, it could be due to the following issues:

1. Make sure that your card can be used for online payments. A bank may impose restrictions on online payments or international transactions using cards. Contact your bank to remove this restriction and try to deposit funds into your account with the card again.

2. Check if there are any limits on your bank account. You may have reached your card limit (the maximum amount spent over a certain period), or have exceeded the maximum amount for a single transaction. Increase the limit, and then try to deposit funds in your account with a card again.

3. You have insufficient money on your credit card. Please check your card balance, and then try to deposit funds to your account with a card again.

4. Some details are missing or are not correct: Double check the details and try again.

❗️Alternative Action

You can also choose other payment methods for funding your account. We offer many depositing methods and are expanding them consistently. To check which funding methods are available to you Click Here

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