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How to make a withdrawal from CMTrading

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The minimum withdrawal amount it $20

To request a withdrawal, please follow the below steps:

  • Go to our website and click on Login

  • Add your email address and password.

  • Once you are logged into the portal, click on your name on the top right and click on ‘Withdraw’.

  • Choose your funded account, and the amount you want to withdraw

  • Click on Withdraw Funds.

  • Preferred payment method must remain as Other.

  • In the second field, please add any payment method and some details with the last 4 digits showing (must not be less than 10 characters)

  • Once you have added the details, click on Submit.

You will receive an email confirmation that your withdrawal request was successful.

Please note that additional documents may be required and failure to provide them in due time may result in your request being cancelled.

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